Here’s what 60 years of experience can do for you…

We are a family owned company with over sixty years experience manufacturing quality industrial hose. Our home lawn and garden hose are industrial strength and extremely durable with high quality brass fittings.

The president of the company has over thirty years experience in the hose manufacturing business. Having started in the factory extruding hose and held just about every position to his current title. His brother also has over thirty years experience in hose manufacturing and currently is responsible for all factory operations.

We are proud to offer a lifetime guarantee on our home lawn and garden hose and pride ourselves on the reliability of our product; the president of the company has been using the same hose since 1989! We are proud to use raw materials from USA suppliers. As you can see we offer various colors and lengths which are made to order. Please allow us the quality time to manufacture and ship your order. All our products are manufactured right here in the USA. Get your hose today.

For industrial hose needs, whatever your application problem – flow, viscosity pressure, ID or OD, chemical stability – you can depend on Armstrong for the hose or tubing to meet your specs. We can offer you proven performance engineering support. In collaboration with such prime raw material sources as DuPont, Goodrich Chemical, U.S. Industrial Chemical and others, we have successfully developed thermoplastic hose for a range of new high-technology applications. These state-of-the-art materials open up new OEM and replacement opportunities with the advantage of savings in life function capabilities, weight, and dollar economies.